Garment Management System

GaMaSys is a system for production based Garment manufacturing company. This includes with several modules which needed for Manufacturing company.

This system consists with below modules.

Garment Management System

Order reconciliation and order status are the objectives of this module. Sample section, Cad section, a cutting section, production section, packing section, and the industrial engineering section are the sections involving this system.
Cutting bundle charts, laying sheets and bundle tag cards
Daily production figures
Efficiency reports
Pending shipments
Order summary

Transport module

Vehicle payments and transport cost reports are the objective of this module.
Vehicle payment report
Department wise cost
Cost comparisons with the past with graphs

Sample module

Sample inventory management is the objective of this module.
Sample stock balance
Sample movement
B-Stores module
B-stores inventory management is the objective of this module.
B-stores stock balance with grading wise
B-stores order wise movemen

Courier module

Manage the courier package service of import and export.

Normal gate pass module

General gate pass tracking is the objective. Gate passes send with the system generated gate pass and later can find the data.

Administrator module

Administrator module is for user profile creation and for the permission assigning section.