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GAMASYS Transport Management System

GAMASYS has been developed for the computerization of garments management process.
This project helps to store and process data and view daily, weekly and monthly reports about most of the functions of the apparel company.

- Transport
   - Create New Vehicle Requests
   - Approve Vehicle Requests via email
   - Combine Requests
   - Vehicle Allocation
   - Vehicle Re-Allocation
   - Trip Complete
   - Trip Complete Combine
   - Staff Transport Daily Check
   - Reports
      - Pre Allocate Slip
      - Allocate Slip
      - Goods Transport daily & summary report
      - Staff Transport daily & summary report
      - Cost Comparison report

This system also consists of several other modules.
- Administration
- B-Store
- Courier
- General Inventory
- Issue Completion
- Normal Gate Pass
- Phone Book
- Production
- Sample